Tuesday, December 19, 2006

bring me back my narcolepsy

it's way past board exam and i still have trouble sleeping. i used to be insomniac-slash-narcoleptic, now i'm just insomniac, period. lately, i've been trying to sleep before 1am, to avoid catching lizzie reruns that i've probably watched at least 4 times each. i've come to this resolution when i remembered my drum instructor asking me if he'd die without having slept for 2 days, and decided that i don't want to be wondering the same thing. and to spare myself the bloodshot eyes. and eyebags.

anyway, i turned 22 recently. our oath taking fell on the same date as my birthday and... well, it was underwhelming, to say the least. it felt like i was wasting the precious afternoon just sitting there, and standing occasionally when asked. super traffic pa. i wish it could've been any other day than my birthday, but oh well. plans changed as my parents decided to eat somewhere close to home instead of dining at this italian resto i suggested before. so we ended up at dencio's ayala heights. which turned out to be good, nevermind that it's not fine dining at all. the view was breathtaking, and there's a fireworks display nearby, so yay!:) and while hanging at our garden later that night, i saw a shooting star, which really made my day. 8D it felt even more special catching just one on my birthday, than when we saw about 5 while stargazing at the beach last summer.

speaking of, we haven't gone to the beach yet :( i guess that plan's less likely to materialize as the year ends. everyone's busy with/looking for work. it's sad. :(

Christmas in a few days... i can't believe december is fleeting, and fleeting fast. i wish time could just stand still for a little while. just so i could savor it more. "it's the most wonderful time of the year" after all. ah, time! i need it! i haven't even had the chance to renew my driver's license last week. could you believe i've had one for 3 years already? me neither! :D and i wish i'd also have the time to hang at starbucks again, to bury my nose in a book, and not for ordering take-out fraps just to complete my stickers. hey, my Christmas wish-list is getting less and less materialistic each year!

and yes, i wish to be narcoleptic again. at least until i'm employed. :D