Friday, January 19, 2007

i'm wide awake, it's morning

had it been a weekday, at this time - past 6am, i'd be on my way to work. but it's saturday, and i should be sleeping... unfortunately, i still get insomnia attacks and i actually don't understand how that's possible when i was practically half asleep a mere 6 hours ago. i even have had my frap decafed. *sigh* i need medical help. =S

i met up with some college friends for dinner last night. i was actually reluctant to go because of prior commitments but i still did. i dunno if it's a good decision though, as far as my sleeping habits are concerned. anyway, it was nice to see everyone again and do some catching up, whether it be on work or on somebody's love life. :D i was especially glad and surprised to see one of my dearest friends, crazy, at starbucks katipunan even though i kind of knew that there's a pretty good chance of catching him there on a friday night. we were like crazy idiots jumping and hugging each other amidst the crowd. :D i guess we really did miss each other. ;)

*sigh* i dunno why i get so nostalgic sometimes, it makes me feel terribly sad. :( i was still with daniel and carlos past midnight and found myself heading to manila to drop carlos home. i realized that even espana had its charms and i suddenly missed going to our review school and to St. Jude. :(

oh well. memories are traitors, somebody said. now i really need to sleep so i don't get any more nostalgic than i already am. *sigh* a good night's sleep is hard to come by. =S