Friday, March 23, 2007

a long overdue OTH post :D

recently, i bought myself a set of one tree hill DVDs. yes, i know i should've bought these ages ago considering i'm a big OTH fan and all but i was kind of hoping that my aunt would buy them for me but she didn't, so... anyway. i've been watching it on weekends, browsing through episodes and... i just don't get tired of it! :D funny thing is, OTH didn't appeal to me AT ALL when i first heard about it. i remember my aunt sending me this WB magazine where they feature the casts from some WB TV series, and she told me to check out everwood (because she knows that i kinda like emily vancamp) and one tree hill. then ETC started airing it. i didn't catch the pilot episode so i couldn't really follow, nor did i attempt to :P i guess that's why i wasn't very fond of it then, i didn't know the story... and that they have such awesome songs! 8D i got the chance to watch the pilot episode when ETC aired reruns and i decided to give it another shot. what really turned me around was this scene where peyton was driving and almost hit lucas because she was grabbing a cd from the floor of her car while hands down [dashboard confessional] was blasting from her stereos (*sigh* i love that song :D) and well, that's what pretty much got me to watch it. :D

anyway, i love peyton, as some people might've already guessed (i posted a pic of her in my friendster account before :D) cos i find her character the one that's most similar to mine, in terms of interests i mean. :P she’s into music and art, which i guess any “
punk and disorderly” person would be into as well. not that i fit any of those descriptions… i’m just a bit punk i guess (which i hate to admit even when raymund used to tease me about it), and a bit disorderly, at least when it comes to my room :P anyway, i just think i'm a bit like her. ok, some might beg to differ cos i look like this almost too girly and reserved person but looks can be deceiving too you know. ;) anyway, there's this one time when i've convinced myself that i AM like her. it was family day and there's a contest where the dads were tested on how much they know about their daughters. and my dad was asked what my best talent is and he said that i draw well. (ok, that's already 1 big point for this why-am-i-like-peyton evaluation :P) then they asked him my favorite color, and he said black. and i'm like, no it isn't. it's yellow! hello? i wore a yellow gown on my debut, didn't i?? is there any more of a hint than that? and then i thought about it. why did he think it's black? then i remembered that he used to ask me if something's bothering me whenever he'd find me in my room alone listening to my cds. was it my aura? or maybe it's just because i wear a bit too much black :D ehm... yeah, that might be it! :P

anyway, i'm a jake-peyton fan so naturally i watched those episodes where the two have their "moments" and skipped the others :P the first episode i watched the moment i got my DVDs was
don't take me for granted, where i first heard the song 23 [jimmy eat world]. everytime i hear it i remember this scene where it was played - that is when peyton was about to do something stupid (i.e., buy drugs) because she felt all messed up and lonely, then jake came walking along and peyton's face brightened up. 8) i also like the episode unopened letters to the world, where the students of tree hill high were asked to say something - anything - for the time capsule project. that's also when jake and peyton had their first date, which i think is really cute since they've practically been more than friends for a long time but were just about to go on their first official date, and this song do you feel love [people people] just sets the mood perfectly. :)

peyton and jake's lines in the time capsule:
peyton: i lost my way, a little bit, this year. but... lately it's been better. you know, it's pretty amazing how... temptation can be silenced by a ray of hope.
jake: ok, so... i'm a single father... and until recently, a high school dropout. and i'm going on my first date since my daughter was born. am i a great catch or what?

but my favorite episode ever is season 3's
everyday is a sunday evening (also the title of my first post in this blog, btw! :D). this is when peyton headed to savannah to see jake. prior to that, i recall peyton's dad saying "promise me that when you pick the boy you're really gonna be with, that he'll be someone who respects you and treats you well. that it's someone who makes your heart race and that he's someone who you love because of what he is, not what he does... that's how i want you to feel one day... use your head and follow your heart." kind of a meet joe black deja vu right there, isn't it? :) anyway, it was a surprise that peyton went to see jake -- the first time i watched it i hadn't braced myself for a jake reappearance in OTH! :D anyway, even with lucas not in the episode, jake and peyton's cheesy moments more than made up for it. well i won't describe the details anymore, you should just watch it... especially that part after their little argument about "every song ends, but that's no reason not to enjoy the music". i swear, i could just melt right then!! *sigh* <3

and with a great episode such as this comes a great quote:
nathan: every once in a while people step up, they rise above themselves. sometimes they surprise you, and sometimes they fall short. life is funny sometimes, it can push pretty hard, but if you look close enough you find hope in the words of children, in the bars of a song, and in the eyes of someone you love. and if you're lucky, and if you're the luckiest person on this entire planet, the person you love decides to love you back.

anyway for me, the lovely song, that is the jake-peyton love team, has ended. OTH is reviving this lucas-peyton thing and so jake had to be out of the picture. oh well. i'm still rooting for jake though, even if it's already a hopeless cause.
over the hills and far away:
jake: peyton i’m sorry. i don’t want you to go. but your father told you to follow your heart and he’s right. as much as it kills me to say it, i think you need to follow it home.
peyton: but what if you’re wrong? what if i go back and my heart just aches for you like it has for months now?
jake: well then i’ll still be here. if it's meant to be, we'll be together.
peyton: ...someday.

sappy, i know! :D so, is he a great catch or what? :P
*sigh* i wish i'll have my jake someday. <3