Tuesday, December 22, 2009

random december updates

3 days til Christmas! it's december and i felt obliged to blog at least once this month since it's my favorite month and all.

i've been so busy until now - i'm finally enjoying my 2-week leave from work, yay! december's always been happening, but this year i've been especially busy with work and shopping and other stuff i have to keep mum about at the moment. :D

everyone here's asking what i did on my birthday. in a gist, we had lunch at a thai resto where we ate the yummiest "grass" dish (freshly picked off nicoll highway! lol!) - the lunch was my colleagues' treat for me (yes i know, tradition's different there :D), heard mass with raymund, then went to the jewel box at mount faber for dinner. it was a nice quiet day, with friends sending me greetings in private as if my birthday's a secret, save for facebook of course. my sincere thanks for dropping me a line on my birthday, FB friends. :)

the last few days in singapore were busy, busy, busy. there was a time i went to the mall for 5 consecutive nights, always 2 hours before closing. i felt rushed, but it was fun nonetheless - i love going to the mall cos that's the only place i hear Christmas carols being played. my best shopping day was last Saturday - i went to this store which sells all kinds of knick knacks so i've pretty much finished my Christmas shopping there with all the cute stuff i bought. :) my arms still hurt thinking about all those shopping bags that i had to carry. added to that the pain of carrying my luggage at the airport and my baby nephew in the following days. :)

i flew in sunday night. i thought i was going to be late for my flight yet again cos i took the mrt instead of a cab (i was already kind of broke by then, and $2 train fare as opposed to 20 bucks for cab is just too tempting). anyway, i arrived just in time (i.e., 1 hour before boarding) but had to really hurry as the boarding gate was like miles away. the plane ride was okay, i barely noticed that it's a 3-hour flight. i wanted to watch coco avant chanel on the plane, but decided against it after realizing i had to read the subtitles off a tiny screen to understand the movie. :D so i opted for the big bang theory that pong's been bugging me to watch, said it was hilarious. i got to watch a different tv series though, thinking it was the big bang theory, which i didn't find engaging enough so i finally settled for bandslam. not bad for killing time.

last night we had our G6 get-together. loads of catching up and big surprises. i really did miss my blockmates, so it was really really nice to see them, even if only for a short while. not my best night though, as i felt awkward at some point because of someone's announcement. it explained a lot (not that it really came as a surprise to me), and for a while i felt embarrassed for ever sending an out-of-the-blue email to him brought about by a project we did together. oops. long story. anyway, i'm genuinely happy for him and wish him all the best especially in that aspect of his life. :) on other news, people are talking about weddings, and it seems like 2012 is the ideal year for people our age. why is that? i thought it was just me. :D i hope i'll be here on their weddings though. *sigh* i love weddings... :)

still on other news, it's sad to learn about people's death especially before Christmas. now it's brittany murphy, what a shock. somehow whenever i play a certain song on loop, i get reminded of brittany murphy's character in girl, interrupted where she left her phonograph playing "it's the end of the world" before she hung herself. creepy and sad. my favorite movie of her was uptown girls, love the song "molly smiles" (watch the video, it's lovely!). *sigh* life's too short indeed. rip brittany murphy.

sorry for the sad note at the end. still, it's a good reminder for us all to savor every moment with our loved ones and do our utmost to be good. :) have a blessed merry Christmas everyone! let's celebrate the wonderful gift of Christ's birth. xoxo. :)