Sunday, March 01, 2009

sunday bloody sunday

if you've read my first ever post on this blog, you'd know how i feel about sundays. but since i moved here, days just go by more swiftly and before i know it, it's weekend again. so i don't dread sundays as much as i used to.

but this sunday is unusually gloomy, not the typical sun-hurts-your-eyes kind of sunday. it's raining outside so i'm not exactly sure if i can jog later. yesterday, i was quite disappointed in myself cos i only jogged for 18 mins. i stopped as soon as i reached the bridge and just walked all the way home. i kept thinking had i only eaten a snack before heading to the park, i would've had more energy. but then, snack equals calories and i'm supposed to burn calories by jogging. so eating a snack quite defeats the purpose, doesn't it? anyway, part of me still wants to go for a jog later to somehow redeem myself. and part of me wants to stay home and watch tv. so i hope it wouldn't stop raining so the weather could just decide for me.

last sunday, i got the surprise of my life. i'm going to be an aunt! i received a text from my mom saying just that. my brother's baby will be born some time in june or july, and i hope i'll be there to see my niece. or nephew. although they couldn't see that clearly yet, the doctor said it's likely to be a girl so i'll stick with "niece" until further notice. anyway, i'm quite excited actually that i already bought some baby clothes for her. i told my aunt (the one in LA) that she's going to be a grandaunt soon and she replied with a big OMG. and i got the same response from a friend. i guess it's the common reply when one gives out this kind of news.

back to today... i went to this bookstore which i've only seen for the first time. after much browsing, i decided to buy a book - blind willow, sleeping woman. it's my second murakami book, and i hope it's a good one. when i saw the words "chance reunion in italy, a romantic exile in greece...", i knew it'd be an interesting read. anyway, this bookstore - times - has these plastic bags with authors written all over it, which i'd find cool only if i haven't seen the same concept from barnes & noble years before. :P
i've been online for a couple of hours now, chatting with my mom and surfing the net to find an operaman video on pearl jam. *sigh* i forgot how much i loved watching SNL until last night when i was able to catch the best of SNL at starworld with adam sandler as operaman. if you haven't seen operaman before, you can watch this funny al gore clip:

anyway, the one on pearl jam is even more hilarious but "the video is no longer available". so i'll post the lyrics instead (although most of it is plain gibberish), and you can just picture operaman singing this to the tune of pearl jam's even flow. :)

clip 1:
Eeoo zama dama dingy do, Billboard numero uno.
Eeoo zama mama dyng dong, Covero Time Magazine-o.
Eeoo yama nama zeeoo Nirvana, kiss my assa.
Eeoo zama mama dyng dong, Operaman's a big Pearl Jam fan-o.
clip 2:
Whoa deeyo zaya moya ding doo, Eddie Vedder's even better looking in person-o.
Eeyo zama mama dyng dong. I wish he didn't have a girlfriend-o
Eeyo I'm not saying I'm gay, I'm just saying there comes a time in every man's life when he questions his own sexuality!
Oh no!

i guess i should really buy SNL: best of adam sandler since i'm such a fan.

yay, it's still raining! i shall watch tv then! ciao!