Friday, April 24, 2009

dear crazy #2

let me start with a big "I'M SORRY". i'm sorry cos i felt that i went behind your back. you'll get it soon enough when you see the following photos:

i know you asked me to tell you the exact date and time i'm going there, but tonight i just couldn't. it was done on an impulsive whim and i don't have your number. blame it on beard papa's for their out-of-stock eclairs and the nearest coffee bean being in raffles hospital (the location just won't do), for making me want to go all the way to outram park and walk the dingy stretch of new bridge road in search of this coffee shop. and i also happened to toss my murakami book into my bag this morning. you can blame that too.

if it's any consolation, i didn't have a good camera with me, and so, i had to rely on my phone's cam to capture these shots. these photos don't really do the place much justice. next time i go there, i promise to let you know, and i'll take as much photos as i can with my D60. hopefully by then, i already got skill. :P
that's all for now. i just had to confess. forgive me?