Saturday, March 21, 2009

audrey, i likey

i'm not really an audrey hepburn fan. but i do find her stunning from the first time i saw this picture of her as princess ann in roman holiday.

and since she's such an icon, it's no surprise why her face has been immortalized in even the smallest of merchandise, like earrings and keychains and stuff. but the best i've seen so far is this bag i spotted at forget-me-not, a charming little boutique at anchorpoint shopping centre in alexandra road.

i like it to the point of wanting to own it, but i bought something else... okay, let me justify that by saying that it just doesn't seem practical to buy this kind of luggage that i have no use of at the moment. so i chose this other cute bag instead (pic taken on my closet mirror):

but i'm not giving up on the yellow audrey bag which i feel is so me in a way, so it's now on top of my wish list. it's just sad that my birthday's not in the next few months, so i dunno for what reason/occasion someone would give this to me. but i'll still be crossing my fingers on that. :D