Monday, January 25, 2010

rewind to 2005

today, i was reminded of 2 things that happened more than 4 years back. kind of a coincidence that they happened in the same year. now i have an appropriate title for this post, whee!

1. down with the sickness. i'm sick, and have been on leave since yesterday. i'm kind of thankful that i have an excuse not to go to work, cos work has been really taxing lately. not so much with the work itself, but with the drama that came with it. i won't elaborate cos just thinking about it is already stressful as it is. okay, back to me being sick - unfortunately (or fortunately) i caught a flu. i remember being like this back in college, i had to check my old blog for the details. i found 2 posts here and here. i miss having "doting" people around, and getting chocolates for motivation. :) anyway, i have to quote some lines i wrote then, cos they're the exact same thing i would've said today: wow, i just realize that this is the only time i’ve slept really long. for the most part of yesterday i just slept, and then i slept again for like 12 hours. so i guess that’s why my head hurts like hell. yep, sleep is always good, hooray for meds that cause drowsiness! :P

2. i've been googling something in the past but didn't really have any luck on finding it... until today! i somehow remembered some keywords (okay, enough reference to freud) that might narrow down the search and i did find it, yay!!! a quick segue: when i was a kid i remember my mom talking about me and how i shop. she said something like, i don't just buy anything - when i see something i like (maybe on TV or mags), i'd really look for it even though i'd end up not buying anything cos the ones available in the mall were just not up to mark. i feel that in some ways i'm still very much like that girl who's stubborn enough to look for what she wants. that would probably explain why i signed up on ebay and prefer my gowns tailored cos i couldn't quite find the things i like anywhere else. in 2005, my aunt sent me some mags from the US. the minute i saw the gown on that vogue cover, i knew what i want for my wedding dress. :) when i went home last december, i planned to look for that mag but didn't really start on it cos they're probably covered in dust and my allergies were bad enough. so i relied on the net, too bad i kept searching for "drew barrymore vanity fair" when the mag is vogue after all! then the magic keywords "beauty and the beast" suddenly popped in my head! that was the theme - how could i have missed the lion right next to drew that's like 1/3 of the cover? anyway, i'm so happy i found it now! it's the april 2005 US vogue cover. now that's taken care of, i can keep dreaming of my own starry yellow wedding. 8)

since i kind of took a short trip down memory lane by chance, i'd have to say 2005 was really a good year. it's like 500 days of summer, only shorter and minus the dreadful ending. but again, i won't elaborate... gotta live in the present. so, that's all folks!