Thursday, February 25, 2010

my birthday in february

not sure if i wrote anything about valentine's day last year... i seriously can't remember. this year i haven't and i'm not going to. february for me isn't about V day anymore... i barely notice or 'feel' that here, unlike when i was still back home. here it's all CNY. moving on.

yesterday and today felt like my birthday, but i can't expound on that just yet. probably in the next few months i can explain why. but not now or in the immediate future. i'm just so happy. ecstatic. content. 8)

i happened to read a tweet yesterday from this guy. don't really know him but someone RT-ed his post and i got to read it at the perfect time.

are you, honestly, doing everything in your power to reach your absolute, maximum potential? push. drive.

and my answer to that would be 'not really'. i can only remember one instance when i had done 'everything in my power' and that's when i got an almost perfect score in ES 12. i wish i can say it's on something not acads-related but no, that was the only time i was really pushed to do my ultimate best. still, i'm forever proud of it.

now i have to toughen up again and do my utmost. make it happen, keep the dream alive.

if there's a will, there's a way - no matter how cliche it sounds, it's still the best quote for helping me get back on track with my goals.

i love how my friends say the wisest things when i need it.