Friday, May 06, 2011


I only used to do countdowns for my birthday, but getting a year older is not that thrilling when you're past 25. Anyhoo, now I find myself counting down the days for my trip back home. Just a month and a week to go! It's a little tricky with the different time zones so I'll just say it's about 40-ish days til I go home and don a dress for the wedding (not mine!).

I get so excited sometimes, the kind that makes you jittery, it's hard to focus. Like now for instance: I was preparing my slides just a while ago then this happy thought of going back home (or wherever), going back to a normal life, i.e., not alone, suddenly made me update my blog. :p

So... this song's kinda stuck in my head. And these lines actually give me knots in my stomach (I decided to just post them here, which only a few people read, cos I hate sounding emo in FB):

And I wonder
When I sing along with you
If everything could ever feel this real forever
If anything could ever be this good again

*Sigh* Can't wait!