Friday, April 15, 2011

friday blues 2

gad, this is the 2nd time i'm using that title. my classmates are having a game night but i had some stuff to do and my parents would be online tonight. there's no skype dinner though boo. :( i only had takeout from subway, tuna for friday. sigh, i miss subway at keypoint. why am i feeling terribly homesick again?

i'm missing singapore so bad. while i was folding my clothes this evening (what better way to spend friday than folding your clothes, right?) i suddenly just started tearing up and checked out my old post in my multiply - it was about my 1st anniversary in singapore, and my plan of studying here. seemed like such a long time ago but it's only been 2 years. i was still excited to pursue MS, and now i can't wait to be done with it. i know it's not in keeping with the famous motto 'carpe diem' but that's what i feel and i know i need to snap out of this funk. after all, i only have exactly 2 months left in california!

i haven't prayed fervently for a particular thing in a long while, particular being something that's a long shot. i think i've gotten pretty much everything i've prayed for then i've stopped asking for special things. i guess i should start asking for *it* so that it happens. again, i'll ignore statistics (i never liked that course anyway) and just wish that even if there's a one in a hundred chance, that i get that 0.01, and 0.99 won't matter.

i remember my friend saying the difference with school and work is that at work, once you leave the workplace, it's all play. with school, you're still working til you sleep. that's not necessarily the case (especially if you leave the workplace at 10pm and just go straight to bed after) but for the most part it's true. i'm excited to work again, to shop and fill my apartment with ikea stuff, and NOT be alone. can't wait to have nice dinners and watch movies on fridays again. i really wish i get to have *it* by july.

that's all. just like in my previous friday blues post, i'll end this saying that i'm off to watch 30 rock. sigh i miss tv series marathons. later!