Friday, July 22, 2011

i'm back

Hello! I thought I'd stop writing here. I used to do that to get some stuff off my chest, or when I'm lonely and bored, or when I had too much time to contemplate. Ever since I finished school, I have more time to actually do something fun, travel, read recipe books and magazines, watch movies, work out. I'm back in my happy place, with my family, and Raymund, and I thought I won't have to time to write anymore (since it's easier to post pictures in my Snapshots Lately album to 'tell a story').

It's funny how eventually you'd realize how things fall into place, even when just a few months ago, you didn't have the slightest idea that this is how things are gonna turn out. So let me tell you how things turned out:

1. I got my MS at Stanford, yay!
2. I chose not to apply for my OPT in the US and it happened to be the right decision cos I'm moving to Australia in a week's time maybe.
3. I got engaged.
4. I finally gave in and signed up in a gym so I could at least do some physical activity and build up my endurance.
5. We're planning our wedding and it's fun.
6. So far, we've booked the church, reception & photographer.
7. I just had my gown sketched and I love it.
8. I keep playing songs we're going to use for our slideshow and onsite video at the wedding and it makes me giddy. :)

I wanted to share our wedding details but I'd have to stop myself and just share them with my closest friends. For now, this is all I'm sharing:

The song that Raymund surprised me with on his 2nd attempt at proposing. 8) I've always loved this song and actually dreamt somebody would sing it to me. He played (i.e., guitar + vocals) another song but we're using that for our wedding's onsite vid next year! ;)

That's my life lately. And I just feel so blessed and thankful for everything. :) AMDG.