Wednesday, November 30, 2011

hello, goodbye

for a while i've been considering starting a whole new blog where i can post stuff about things i've been doing these days - which includes wedding preps of course, though that's really just browsing wedding websites rather than actually getting things done. it's still 1 year and 22 days away anyway so there's absolutely no hurry. the problem with this current blog which i've used for 5 years now, is that the blogskin has quite a dark aura about it. i love it still, that's why i'm never gonna change it. but it doesn't seem to be the best place to post wedding inspirations on. instead, i want a brand new clean slate (literally) that's light and sunshine-y. :)

so this might likely be my last post here. i hate saying goodbyes, especially to things that helped keep me sane through the years. so yeah, christinesixteen is not over, over. :) there's no deleting this blog, so if you feel like reading old posts that might have tickled your fancy (fat chance!) or doing a random history check, then feel free to visit this blog. i'm sure i'll come back to this site when i want to take a quick trip down memory lane. or reference something i've written before.

ci vediamo! :)

edit: so it's december and i've decided to just start a new blog here in blogspot instead, cos it's so much easier! :) here's the link: watch out for my posts!