Sunday, March 25, 2007

numbers and figures

i suppose everybody thinks of the what-ifs in life. well i do -- countless of times. but the thought that actually keeps recurring to me is this: what if i didn't pass the UPCAT?

for one, i won't be a civil engineer today. i might've gone to ateneo and took up european studies, or to UST and took up biology.

but then, as years passed since taking those college entrance exams, i'm convinced now that i'm exactly where i'm meant to be. and i don't dare think about the what-ifs anymore regarding that matter. why? check these out. :)

my birthday: dec. 16
[on my school] oblation run, a signature event in UP: dec. 16 (unless the date falls on a weekend)
[on my college] eng'g week: 2nd-3rd week of december (usually includes my birthday)
[on my course] our CE oathtaking: dec. 16, 2006

and if you haven't figured out yet, my favorite number is 16! :P
point of info: i'm the 1916th in the list of 2065 november '06 CE board passers. and yeah, 1916's the year the civil engineering curriculum became a BS course in UP (history check here :D).

well, these figures may not mean much but just thinking about all these coincidences makes me feel that i really was meant to be in UP and be a civil engineer at that. ;)