Saturday, April 03, 2010


It's almost Easter! I remember explaining to a non-Christian friend before how Good Friday is like the saddest day of the year in the liturgical calendar, so unlike other holidays that give us long weekend breaks, it's not exactly a "fun" holiday. Until Easter of course, which is such a big relief, even though it's on a Sunday and it's back to work the following day.

The solemnities observed this Holy Week have brought back some fond memories from when I was a kid. Like how happy we'd be to wake up to the sound of church bells, knowing that it's already Easter and we can eat our favorite food again. One of my earliest memories of Easter was when I was 7 or 8 maybe. We woke up really early for the Salubong and I saw my schoolmate up on a scaffold as one of the angels. I thought it fit her perfectly cos she did look like an angel. She also used to play the role of the Blessed Mother later in gradeschool.

I even remember wishing at the time that I could play an angel too but that didn't happen, although I did come close to such a role, when I was in 3rd grade and I was chosen to be one of the 'dancers' for the Sanctus. We didn't have wings so I guess we're not really angels, but we had paper roses which we swirled as we danced. I was happy to have a special part in our First Communion, and the dance steps were somehow etched on my mind for quite a while. Every time the Sanctus was sung, I'd do the steps with my fingers on the kneeler's desk (I don't know exactly what that's called).

Yesterday after church, we went to eat at Vivo City where I'm usually lured to Candy Empire. I was hoping to find some Easter egg chocolates, which I normally give out to friends during this occasion, but not since I graduated from college. I used to buy those plastic egg containers in pastel colors, then I'd put egg chocolates inside. Good thing I found these chocolates with fancy wrappers at Candy Empire - I'm already excited to give them out to my friends at work on Monday. :)

Today I dropped by the office to do some work, picked up some docs at the nearby bank and mailed them. Glad that bit is over, now all I have to do is wait and hope everything goes well (okay, you may not have an idea of what I'm talking about, but mum's the word until everything's finalized :D). Then I went to the center. I haven't really gone to the center for a long time. I can actually count the times I've visited one here, and I wish I could have exerted more effort to go despite having lots of chores during weekends. Since there was no benediction, we watched a movie instead - it's on the life of St. Maria Goretti. When I found out we'd be watching it, I was psyched, since she was my favorite saint when I was a kid. But that was mostly because she was really pretty in the book of saints that I had back then. :D Anyway, there was one thing that struck me in the movie, and it's that on anger, which as Maria's father said, is worse than fever or malaria - and it left me wishing that I don't get eaten up by anger too. There's more to where that's coming from but I won't elaborate. I just really wish I can resolve to always catch myself before things get ugly. :D

Okay, I've been writing so long that it's already Easter now! Have a blessed, meaningful and happy Easter everyone! Tis another season to celebrate, the Lord's ressurection and man's redemption. ;) Spaghetti and fried chicken for dinner later, yippee! :)

Edit: Took a picture of the eggs lined up against my keyboard. I got the 2 bigger eggs from my colleagues. How sweet! :)