Friday, February 11, 2011

v day

it's valentine's day weekend. there's a party nearby but i didn't feel like going. neither did my friends but they felt the need to be social so they still went, half-heartedly i guess.

i feel like i should be depressed right now but (luckily?) i don't have the time to sulk. i'm so overwhelmed with work. it's funny how valentine's day always coincides with midterms (even when i was still in UP! and that's when there's a week-long fair/concert so imagine how hard it was to have fun!). maybe it's consoling for people who don't have dates. so does that mean it's consoling for me now since i don't have anyone to go on a date with?

i wanted to buy the yellow and blue flowers i saw at whole foods. they're so pretty. i'm still the same person who gets embarrassed when she gets flowers on v-day but when i was doing my grocery shopping earlier (yep, doing it on a friday night is a smart idea!) i just felt the urge to buy. it's kind of pathetic i agree. :D i suddenly miss my guy friends, those that bought me flowers at least (ok sure, even the other ones who didn't). :P

speaking of guy friends, my roommate's guy friend is planning to surprise her with flowers on monday (i hope my roommate doesn't read this). he's contacted me about it already, how sweet! i guess he's on his way to being a 'boyfriend' then. hmm...

i'm thinking of somebody right now and i just have this song in my head that i sort of dedicate to him. at least a few lines in the song... :P

i was terrified and would you mind if i
sat next to you and watched you smile
so many kids but i only see you
and i don't think you notice me

(fall out boy, pretty in punk)

having a crush is a fun distraction. i sort of have one, on a guy who's like serious all the time (he's the one i'm referring to when i candidly posted something on FB about a guy who's seryoso pero gwapo) but when he smiles , it leaves a grin on my face and i just can't help myself from saying a silent 'aaaw' in my head. :) too bad i couldn't do anything about it but daydream and smile like silly (which a couple of friends have already caught me doing!) and i don't think i'd like things to get complicated.

oh well... :)

now to get busy and forget all the mushiness of february...