Friday, May 28, 2010

see you later's

We've recently moved again, this time back somewhere in the east. What I love most about this new place is that we're near the East Coast Park. We've been jogging there for 3 weekends in a row now. Then we'd eat at the nearby fastfood afterwards (Subway or McDo). I love eating breakfast at McDo. And the branch at ECP seems like the busiest McDo there is during that time of the day, it's almost always packed with people who just finished their morning jog.

Anyway, I thought we'll be staying here til end of July, which is when I'll be leaving Singapore for good (if things go well), but no. We have to move again by the end of June (long story, en bloc-developer issues) so I guess that will be in the west. But that's fine. As long as the rest of my weekends here will be spent lounging and running along the east coast... :)

The past week I had to bid another friend goodbye. But you know me, I always insist on 'see you later'. Mainly cos that makes it more consoling and bearable. I don't even want to begin to think about July. I can just anticipate that during major farewells, as always, I'd have some flashbacks of when I first met some people I'll be bidding goodbye to. I have very distinct memories of certain people of when I first met them, and then of the more recent event that is their leaving. :(

One of those certain people is my PB colleague and friend, James de Guzman. He's probably in Kentucky, USA by now. I remember distinctly the time I first met him, when he was introduced to me by another James, and how we talked in Filipino in front of everyone. Then his last visit at PB when I handed him his hard drive and our final picture taking via camera phone. He's one popular character in PB, showing off his talents in every talent showcase there is. He'll be sorely missed. But again, no goodbyes, only 'see you later'. It's never impossible.

Now bracing myself for more of these. Sigh. But we move along, so goes the song by The All American Rejects.

Anyway, as a sort of 'see you later' tribute, here's a picture of me and James from PB's D&D back in 2009. I also won't forget his compliments that night. A very sweet and thoughtful friend indeed! :) Wish you all the best James, I'm sure everyday will be lovely now that you and your wife are finally together. Kitakits! ;)