Wednesday, July 28, 2010

the recap

So it's July now. It wasn't that hard after all - parting. Mostly because I know it's only for a short while. I'm back home now but I'll be boarding a plane back to Singapore again soon, like tomorrow! Yay! I've never been this excited to go there until now. I'm back to being a tourist this time. I hope the 12 days I'll be spending there would make me so sick of Singapore to last me years, since when I leave on the 10th of August, it'll already be for good.

Days went by swiftly as they often did. I'm not so sure whether to be glad about it. I've been too busy finishing up a report and basically preparing everything for my resignation. Those hardly gave me any time to be nostalgic. That might be a good thing because I wouldn't really want to cry about leaving, or not since it made me look past the wonderful experiences I've had there.

Lest I forget what transpired in the last few months when I was too lazy or busy to write, here's my little recap to keep this blog updated.

World Cup

I didn't really follow the matches as much as I did 4 years ago. Of course I watched Italy, 2 of their 3 matches at least. This game can really be heartbreaking, especially with Italy's early exit. I only got to see Pirlo play in the latter part of the 2nd half. Buffon must have felt really bad about not being able to play at all. Oh well. I was sort of consoled by the fact that Italy didn't really play well, hence they're not really deserving to go into the next round, so just let it go (said my alter ego). Tough luck for Italy fans like me though. I wasn't that enthusiastic about the World Cup after that (and neither on having an Italia jacket).

But it would be a shame not to watch the World Cup, which only comes by once in 4 years. So which country to root for now? Spain of course. I've always had a soft spot for our colonizers, regardless of how contrabida they had been portrayed in our history books. :D I remember having this conversation with a colleague before about the Philippines and a bit on its history, and I muttered "Thank God for Spanish colonization" after something he said (if you should know, it's about the Philippines being the only predominantly Christian country in Asia). That's why even before the World Cup, I already bought these cute knick-knacks - Italy & Spain mini-jerseys! Can you see it hanging on the TV? :D

I watched the final match at 2:30 in the morning, slept for 2 hours and headed off to work since we have this report to finish. I was on a high knowing that Spain emerged victorious, but not as happy as when Italy won the 2006 World Cup which I had been so pensive to write about here. Anyway, the fun had to be cut short since our report wasn't done yet and only 2 people were capable of finishing it - one of those 2 was me, unfortunately. Since that's obviously not a very good topic to dwell on, I'm cutting this story short too as I certainly wouldn't want to relive the frustrations at work following the World Cup. :D

Last Day at Work

July 16 was my last day at work (albeit not my official last day in PB). I cried a little on the eve of that. There's just so much that I would miss. I couldn't imagine how it'd feel like not to go to work anymore (but I'm quite enjoying that now). There was a flood of memories surging in my head, like I mentioned before, memories of when I first met my colleagues. My throat was already aching before lunch, that's what happens when I'm on the brink of crying. My colleagues had arranged the customary farewell lunch for me. I was a bit relieved that I didn't cry during my 'speech'.

I remember a couple of friends telling me some years ago that it seemed like I've always been thrust into the 'ideal world' where people are nice. When I was in 1st grade, my mom asked the school to put me under a kind adviser especially since I cried a lot in kindergarten. Ever since then I felt that I've always been in the company of good people, in this instance, the PB water team. Everyone's just so nice, which is even more obvious if you happen to compare it with other divisions. :D Don't get me wrong though, I'm not saying people from other divisions are not exactly nice. It just feels like everyone in the water team is family. And so, I'm very grateful. :) There's a comfort in knowing that it won't be the last time I'll be seeing them. I'm already excited to catch up with everyone when I get back. :)

Last Day in Singapore (Part 1)

As I mentioned to Raymund before, it was just the 1st of a series of partings so there's no need to cry about it. But there were tears of course, there's just no way I could stop my tears from welling up. But mind over matter: I am coming back. I was going to see my family and that's definitely a reason to be excited about.

I spent my last day in Singapore going to church, shopping, packing my things and hanging out at East Coast Park. I'd miss the early morning jogs, McDo breakfasts, and the view of the beach knowing that Raymund was beside me to enjoy it too.

We ate dinner by the beach, Subway as usual, while listening to Glee songs from my celphone. It was a lovely way of spending my last night in Singapore. I wouldn't want to spend it anywhere else, it had to be ECP. I would always love being there.

Back Home

I haven't been away from the Philippines that long but somehow being back home feels a tad different. Of course it's always nice to be home. I guess I just got so used to walking and taking public transport knowing that I won't get mugged no matter how late it is, that going out here has been quite a challenge. I was so relieved to get home safe after taking a cab all the way from The Fort - that's after hearing scary cab stories from friends.

In the last week I've been here, I got to attend my org's alumni homecoming. Only a few of us from our batch were able to come, but that's okay. That just goes to show that we are on our way to conquer the world. ;) I just wanted to come to show my support to Aggre, catch up with friends and personally thank my prof and inform him that I'm finally pushing through with my MS.

Other than that, I've eaten a lot of calorie-laden food and had no time to burn them. I had visited my aunts' place, and I keep wishing my cousins and nephew won't grow up too fast. I also got to watch a lot of ETC and Lifestyle Network shows which I've missed so much! It's always good to be back, I just wish Raymund's back here with me too so it would already be perfect.

Well that's all so far. I'm leaving tomorrow morning, and I plan to make the most of this trip, since it'll probably be the last one in a long, long while. Ciao!