Saturday, March 31, 2007

what a cheapskate.

well i hate to admit it but the symptoms are obvious. i have become a cheapskate.

it started when i learned that my expenses on food and fare won't be "subsidized" anymore, since i earn my own money now anyway. i was so down for a while cos i've already planned how i'd spend it =P but... i decided to snap out of it and that's when i discovered i'm a great accountant. :D

anyway, i save money every chance i get by:
1. having my brother drive me to the MRT (or even to makati) at least twice a week
2. bringing my own lunch (tastes better too)
3. not going out much... and sadly at times, not at all, unless i could hitch a ride home :D

it's kind of sad how poor i've become when i started working. =S it was easier when i didn't have any cash on me - i just ask for things and i usually get them. i remember how my aunt would "sponsor" my starbucks trips so i could study there in peace for the board exam. i miss it. and my other guilty pleasures. =S it's hard having to spend the money that you've worked for... sheesh, i've become... my dad! =P actually raymund told me that. he knows how my dad doesn't like installments, credit cards and the like. well they don't appeal to me too. my philosophy has always been, if you don't have the money, then don't buy it. i don't want to have "more bills than i can pay". but i don't save up just so i have something in the bank. i do plan to spend it next year, and for some people dear to me. so hopefully i won't lose the momentum. and for that, i'll do my utmost to stray from things that might throw me off track. like movies, dining out, and spa... this is the life! *sob*

on another note, i'd have to say that it's just timely to deny one's self of guilty pleasures because it's holy week once again - a time for penance and sacrifice. but as i've explained to a friend before, you don't do it to save money. if someone fasts or abstains to get slimmer or to save up, then he should have rectitude of intention. so why do we do these things anyway? the answer is detachment (actually, i got this from the meditation with the priest just this afternoon :D). so there. :)

anyway, i'm listening to dashboard again, and i just remember that i have this
post last year about Lent. and if you're wondering what's dashboard got to do with my thoughts on Lent, then read on. :D ciao! :)