Saturday, April 21, 2007

Gonzalez Hall

a friend once asked me what i miss most about college, and the first thing that comes to my mind was hanging out at the main lib. yep, i used to go there quite often. i’d really rather study there than in the eng’g lib... i dunno, i guess with eng’g lib, you just feel the pressure more, why with eng’g students as your company! :P i just prefer the more laidback atmosphere in the gen ref section of the main lib. the only downside would be getting distracted from actually studying. :D the gen ref section just has the most interesting books – the birthday book as our favorite. i don’t even know what the name of that book is, you’d just recognize it as the bulky blue (or was it red? can’t even remember!) book that has your personality and whatnots written there, based on the day you were born. pong was even amazed at how accurate the details were, as if everything written about his personality was correct, until he realized he was reading the wrong birthday. :P anyway, another book i get tempted to read was that on supernatural stuff. and since reading such books gives me the heebie jeebies, i haven’t really read much of it. :D

anyway, i’m not really a bookworm but as a kid, i used to dream of having a library as grand as belle’s in beauty and the beast. :D i also fancy joe fox’s bookstore in you’ve got mail, with the coffee bar and all.
crazy took this picture and gave it to me as a grad gift. obviously, main lib doesn’t come close to fox books or that library in beast's castle, aestheticwise. and the closest thing it has to a coffee bar is a vending machine. =P but i guess i just love the general ambiance of it. main lib does have its charms. :)

now if i could figure out a way to get in main lib again... :D