Saturday, August 18, 2007

of gloomy mornings and hot chocolates

it's been raining hard for days but now it seems like all that finally came down to a halt. i dunno, but not hearing the rain pouring outside anymore made me a bit sad. apparently, i like the stormy weather. i've had my share of inconveniences (especially now that work doesn't exactly get "suspended") but what the hell, i still love it. :D it makes me want to just throw my shoes off, sit beside the window and sip hot chocolate. i remember having one such moment, actually. only, i was in misery that time (and the weather matched my mood) haha. but it's sweet misery, nonetheless. and i liked wallowing in it. :P

whenever i wake up to a rainy morning, one particular song automatically plays in my head - it's tuesday morning by michelle branch. it's a really gloomy song, desperate even. but i like it. :D probably because it just depicts everything i was feeling one august morning some years back. anyway, it's done and over with, and i'm happy now. but i still listen to that song whenever the weather calls for it :D and it still makes my heart ache a bit, but now, in a good way. :D

on another note, we finally got to do our coffee shop trip last night despite the weather! i really love hanging out at UCC (the one in MOA, btw)! 8D sitting at the balcony looking at the city lights lining the far edge of manila bay was just so relaxing. *sigh* i wish i could come there often. anyway, i was just ecstatic that by the end of the night, sheila, lorraine and i found ourselves heading to my house for an unplanned sleepover. it was so much fun (the roadtrip especially :P)! we missed angeli though, boo :(

well, it's just amazing what this weather could bring about (and by that i don't mean the calamities of course)... i wish one day i'd get the chance to do that watching the rain/sipping hot chocolate thing again. makes me giddy just thinking about it. haha :D

i remember, stormy weather
the way the sky looks when it's cold
and you were with me
content with walking
so unaware of the world

please don't drive me home tonight
'cause i don't wanna feel alone
please don't drive me home tonight
'cause i don't wanna go
tuesday morning
in the dark
we were finding out
who we are

perfect. :) well, nuff said. :P