Tuesday, April 24, 2007

just plugging :D

well, i've been kind of hooked on watching music videos at youtube lately, which isn't exactly good cos i'm practically in front of the pc the whole day. ugh. =S anyway, i found a video of one of my fave songs by my favorite band EVER, our lady peace. :) and just like OTH, i don't get tired of watching it (or raine maida's face ;P) i just love love love the song! i even did my music paper on it, for my humanities class some 3-4 years ago. and it's actually one of those very few songs that give me butterflies in my stomach and make a stream of memories resurface in my head.

we laid underneath the stars, strung out and feeling brave
i watched the red orange glow, i watched you float away

*sigh* it's bittersweet. :D

anyway, if you're my classmate in hum2 and have really good memory, you'd probably know what song i'm referring to. if not, check out
my friendster account and watch it on my media box. well, that's all. :D gotta go!

ps: i kind of remember a friend saying there's a version of the move along video (all american rejects) with hilarie burton in it, but i can't find it! so if you happen to see it, kindly text/email/IM me the url. thanks! :)