Saturday, June 16, 2007

random things

1) i just received 2 compliments (or at least that's what they seem to me :P) from 2 pretty girls today, and well, it just made me so happy :D i told a guy friend (who happens to be my former boyfriend by the way) about it, and he told me that those were exactly the traits that draw him to me. and i just smiled at the thought. i still get surprised at how others see me, even though i kind of get pretty much the same impressions from people. anyway.

2) i'm reading a new book, which hopefully i'd get to finish soon. :D i just came from a retreat last weekend, and as soon as i got the chance, i bought the book which the priest said he recommends "for every girl to read". that's enough to get me intrigued (even if the priest already gave away the ending :D) and search the racks of powerbooks and national bookstore. apparently, it wasn't easy to find. when i finally found a copy, i even hesitated for a while there, because the cover is just so... bland. you know, not even an illustrated cover, or a summary at the back. it just has the title on it. but since i already spent more than an hour looking for it, i decided to buy it, thinking that it was the only way i'd get to read the book. but then on my way home i remembered project gutenberg and that daniel had already downloaded those ebooks, and i could've probably just have him print it and buy it from him... but that would've taken a lot more time. and i still wouldn't get my illustrated cover. =S so anyway, if you're a girl you might want to grab a copy too. ;) of course at the moment i can't say if it's really a must-read for every girl, but if you're interested, the book is far from the madding crowd by thomas hardy. :)

3) i really like the new dashboard song. it's even kind of providential how i got attached to it. i've heard it before but it didn't really register enough for me to search it. but last tuesday on my way to the mrt, it was played on the radio and since it's obviously dashboard, i stopped my brother in time just when he was about to change stations. then when i got to work, one officemate told us that he had some new mp3s which we might want to copy and there it was! then when i got home, it was played during the prom scene in one tree hill, which was actually a rerun of last week's. and to think i was a bit bummed at first to find out that etc's airing the same episode. :P but when i heard it i was like, yep, that's exactly why i had to watch that again. :D

well that's all i guess. i'm just pretty relieved i'm back to writing nonsense. :P