Wednesday, April 25, 2007

i haven't really kept track of the uefa matches, but i learned 2 weeks ago that ac milan, the team i'm rooting for, would be up against manchester united for the semis. it seems like everyone's expecting man u to win, so fortunately for them, man u didn't disappoint.

saw the news this morning, and i immediately emailed julius a sad face and the link that made my heart sink. he replied just before office hours were over, saying that he got to watch the game and that his favored teams were actually man u (so unlike me, he's happy) and chelsea. i don't really care who wins between liverpool and chelsea although i must admit i'm more of a liverpool fan because of gerrard. :D well, what can i say, julius and i just never rooted for the same team. =S

anyway, i caught the 2nd half of the milan-man u match when i got home, with milan in the lead. and i just felt worse, because i already knew that they were going to lose. saw kaka's 2 futile goal attempts after already scoring 2 goals for milan earlier in the game. then rooney scored man u's 2nd goal and well... i just remembered how much i don't like (again, hate is a strong word) the guy! especially in the world cup last year when he was sent off with a red card in england's game against portugal. hmph. anyway, i just hate how he had to be the one who'd score the winning goal for man u IN THE LAST MINUTE! now i know how julius felt when france lost. =P

*sigh* my only consolation is that i got to see pirlo again. but! there's still the 2nd leg. and hopefully it's milan who'd be in the finals. ;)