Saturday, June 02, 2007

some you give away

"don't ever tell anybody anything. if you do, you start missing everybody."

it was a quote from one of my favorite books, catcher in the rye. that line didn't exactly strike me when i first read the book, because well, i guess i was a (slightly) different person back then, and it just didn't apply to me. but now it does.

defense mechanism. i think i had a talent for that. which just explains why i agree with the above quote: don't tell anybody anything. prevention is better than cure. lock yourself up in your room. these were probably the mottos that my subconscious live by.

when crazy sent me this quote, i suddenly realized how much i’ve changed. or how there’s now a different side of me that not so many people know of. let me explain:

i’m that type of person who remembers small details, which for others are probably little meaningless things (sadly, this does not necessarily equate to having good memorization skills). i’m a sentimental junkie and sometimes i feel like my heart is too big for me (these are just my thoughts though, and it’s ok if you think otherwise since we’re all entitled to our own opinions :D). i remember one episode of gilmore girls where lorelai kept rory’s “dean box” (dean was rory’s first boyfriend) and told her how she’d regret it someday if she decided to throw it. apparently i’m like lorelai. i’m so sentimental that i have 3 big drawers (about 1m wide each) and a couple of small ones filled with all sorts of memorabilia. i keep all the letters i get (ok, except for one which i burned because it was from a guy who turned out to be jerk, and the other one i returned to the guy who gave it to me), even dinner receipts and small notes. i don’t want our house renovated because it simply just won’t be the same. i told a friend how i’m not fond of changes and he concluded that i’m just scared to move out of my comfort zone, and he’s right. i just don’t want to think of it that way. anyway, i used to wear my heart on my sleeve too. but since i’ve become good at this defense mechanism thing, i try to keep things to myself instead.

but recently i made a stupid mistake of opening my mouth (or rather letting my thumb send a text message) which made things more complicated for me. don’t ever tell anybody anything. i shouldn’t have let my guard down but i guess it’s bound to happen anyway, sooner or later. fortunately, i’ve mustered enough courage to speak up again, but this time just to iron things out. so i’m a bit relieved now. and then one night it just dawned on me that the person i miss is gone, for the moment or maybe completely, and that it’s time to move on. or at least not to keep my hopes up and my fingers crossed that he’s going to sweep me off my feet again.

so there. overshare, i know :P hopefully i’ll be back to posting about trivial stuff next time. :) otherwise, i’d probably diagnose myself as depressed, symptoms of which include blogging, according to allison in the tv series freddie. :D speaking of, i just remembered that i did plan to watch she’s all that again. just what i need. chick flicks cheer me up, what can i say… :P