Sunday, October 28, 2007

all of a sudden i miss everyone

lately, things that remind me of the good ol' past just keep popping up. last friday, i caught encino man at star movies. it's practically my most watched movie as a kid and i used to think pauly shore was the funniest guy ever. anyway, this whole ice preservation thing made me recall an article i read about cryonics and how they attempt to revive a dead person (e.g. ted williams) when they finally find a cure to that person's disease. personally, i think it'd be a futile one. but i'll leave them to their business. ok so much for that.. that's another story altogether. :D

i was also watching MTV the other day, and so i got to watch music videos of songs from high school. there's this song by texas that brought me back to my smash hits addiction days... smash hits was this costly magazine from the UK that i used to save money for, just so i could browse through these glossy pages with brit pop acts on them. smash hits was my version of people mag back then - but since i've outgrown my fancy for boyzone and other brit pop bands, i learned to spend my money on clothes instead. back 2 good from matchbox 20 was also played. i remember writing on my journal back in high school how this should be my sophomore barkada's theme song... just because i think we're sort of dysfunctional in a way. but despite the drama, i still think it was the most fun group i had in high school. ;)

then last night, a bunch of college friends showed up at our house as we finally pushed through with our game night. it was loads of fun to say the least. there were some instances too when we took a break from playing and told stories from our freshman year - ROTC, aggre variety show, blockmates we've lost touch with, etc... freshman year was probably the best year i had in college - when it's still quite like high school and you're this tightly knit group of naive freshies experiencing new things together. plus the subjects were not that complicated yet, let's not forget that. :D

it's the day after game night and i just have this hollow feeling... the kind one usually gets once the fun stops and it's a lazy day ahead. i wish we could keep on playing cards or whatever, drawing silly things on the loser's face, and that nobody has to go home. but of course that's too much to ask. :D anyway, here are some (before and after) pics from last night. browsing through these pics still makes me smile like an idiot. memories are not all traitors after all. :P
introducing... the UNIBROWS!
(guess who's the biggest loser! :P)

brooke: we should do this more often.
lucas: do what?

brooke: be friends.
lucas: we are friends.

brooke: but we should be friends.

lucas: i'd like that.

here's to making more beautiful memories... see you guys again soon (i hope)! :)