Friday, September 14, 2007

i've got... a bad idea that says i should shut my mouth =P

so i WON'T be watching fall out boy next friday. and i didn't even have to think it over that much - because just like the many incidents in my life, it has all been decided for me. most of the time, i feel grateful that i don't have to make a choice, because i've just spared myself the decision making which usually entails frying my brain cells over these go or no-go dilemmas that have been thrown my way.

but sometimes i wonder if i'd be happier have i been given the chance to actually go either way.

well i had never openly admitted that i'm a fall out boy fan (until now of course) - one major reason for that is the constant teasing i get from a certain someone. =s (i just don't want to be called punk, that's all :D) but with myself being a big OTH fan, falling for FOB's catchy beat and clever lines was just inevitable (and just for the record, unlike other girls, i don't find pete cute =P).

when i learned they're going to have a concert here, i was torn - being the cheapskate that i am (yes, i still am!) i was a bit sad because i knew that i just couldn't bear to spend some cash on it. a friend even advised me to just spend my money on more important stuff, like shoes, clothes, or food. but then, it's a once in a lifetime chance, and i felt like grabbing it. so days of being indecisive passed, and then came the point that i don't have to decide anymore because: 1) it was impossible to get tickets for the friday concert, 2) crazy is off to mindanao the whole of next week, and 3) it's the proposed sked for our game night, and i'm supposed to host it (hopefully, we'll push through with it batchmates ;D).

so there, i'll miss the concert. and even though it relieved me that there's nothing more to think about since there's simply nothing i can do about it now, i can't really say i'm happy about it either. and it just made me realize a striking parallelism with some of the less trivial predicaments i've had in the past - not deciding on things, not admitting to something i really wanted, and then losing it - without even having to make a choice. because these things just "move along".

but to that i say, omnia in bonum, still - everything for the good. :) maybe i'm meant to watch the josh groban concert after all. haha. =P