Monday, March 07, 2011

virtual post-it

Just thought of posting a very short entry, just to make me remember certain things.

Market - while I was doing my part of the Ciathure report (one of the options involved adding a public tap to the market), I suddenly remembered Elias Market in Pasir Ris. I loved going there, cos they have mostly everything... that was before we discovered Sheng Siong.

Being in a different part of the world somehow makes me forget these simple routine stuff I used to do.

I sort of want to go back but I can't. I wonder if going back would make me sad instead of happy. Memories are traitors they say. I can picture myself going back to East Coast Park, jogging by the beach with music blasting through my earphones. I can picture myself being sad about why I even left... But hopefully not.

I'd always love to go grocery shopping with you, cook dinner, watch a movie, spend lazy nights at the beach, sit on the breakwater, and wake up early just to go there again. I hope I don't forget.