Thursday, March 10, 2011


the saddest song don't ya think?

i decided to treat myself to watching glee tonight while doing my laundry. and that scene with holly, brittany and santana just moved me to tears, as it usually did whenever i hear this song. i love the smashing pumpkins version, btw. but glee did a pretty awesome cover too.

i went to confession a few days ago and had one of the most enlightening talks i've had in a long time. i'd say it's probably better than talking to a psychiatrist, but i've never been to one, so i can't really tell. but i've always found talking to priests sort of uplifting.

remember how i often say we are where we're needed most? i guess that's making more sense to me now. i kind of forgot how to be happy where i am - at present, while being engrossed about planning or being excited for the future, and i guess i have to work on that more.

that said, maybe i should stop listening to this kind of songs and switch to cheery tunes for a change. hmm...

well i've been afraid of changing... :p