Monday, December 24, 2007

the best Christmas present

it's almost Christmas! as some of you already know, i don't open my gifts til it's actually the 25th of december (i guess that's another proof of my knack for waiting :P). yep, even if it's a birthday/Christmas present and it's already past my birthday. i like the thrill of opening gifts and finding out what they are on Christmas itself (but unwrapped gifts are fine too :D).

anyway, as you might have read from my previous posts, i've come up with a wish list this year, and i know i said that i hope to get them all before the year ends. but the thing is, i don't really expect to. again, hoping is another thing. some of the items in my wish list are quite hard to find, which is precisely why i put them there. but there are things that i didn't include in it, that are actually some of my greatest wishes. one reason is that i have forgotten how much i wished for a certain thing because i've somehow felt that it's become a hopeless cause.

ironically, the best Christmas present i got had not been wrapped (hence, i didn't get the chance to wait til midnight to see it) and wasn't written in my wish list either. it's actually among those forgotten wishes i have.

about a year ago or so, i lost a certain rosary that i really treasured. that's because that rosary had been blessed by Pope John Paul II in 2002, which daniel gave me when he came back from rome for St. Josemaria Escriva's canonization. i wore it as a pendant (it's a ring rosary by the way), and i barely took it off. i wore it even when i know i'd be drenched in sweat (like in the rare occasions i joined laya people for a game of football at sunken :P). i just felt safe when i have it with me (there's a deeper reason on where that's coming from). so you could just imagine my horror when i found my necklace hanging on my neck, broken. i know i lost it at home, because i found out it's missing before i left for school or something. the thought that it had been flushed down the drain was a haunting theory on why i never found it again.

so this morning, when i saw it sprawled on the floor beneath the dining table, i was ecstatic! i couldn't believe that it's actually there, that at some point i even had doubts on whether it really is the rosary i've lost. but i also couldn't see a reason why it isn't. it's the only rosary we have at home that's as large as the one daniel gave.

so there, i'm happy, happy, happy! :) thanks Lord for giving it back, and for the greeting on my birthday :) thanks for all these strange, beautiful things, and for everything. and happy birthday too! :)

as a last note, i'd like to share with you some lines from a Christmas song to reflect on:
"long lay the world, in sin and error pining
til He appeared and the soul felt its worth"
let's not forget the real reason for all our merrymaking :) have a blessed and truly merry Christmas everyone! :)