Saturday, December 01, 2007

my december wish list

gad, i haven't braced myself for december - that is to say, i haven't switched to my excited mode yet. as i've said in one of my previous posts, i like waiting. but since november has quickly gone past, there's little room for that, and now it's december and i felt like i've been robbed of my precious waiting time :P oh well.

december is my favorite month of the year for a couple of good reasons: my birthday and Christmas =) and it's not just because i would be getting gifts or money, i love them simply for the special happy atmosphere they bring. but of course, it wouldn't hurt to receive some :P so this year i've come up with a birthday-slash-Christmas wish list (i'm usually given ONE gift for BOTH occasions anyway!) and i do hope to have them all by the end of the year. hahaha. :D

1. puma italia football jacket
2. mad magazine board game (i wish we hadn't lost our old one!=s)
3. calvin & hobbes and far side books
4. yellow espadrilles with the perfect heel height (around 2 to 2.5 inches)
5. a cute flowery black and white cocktail dress
6. U2's U218 singles album cd - got it! thanks jade!!!! :D
7. a cake cookbook
8. Christ is passing by by St. Josemaria Escriva
9. dinner at friday's at boni high (but i guess this would have to wait til sheila's back from australia)
10. road trip to tagaytay + coffee trip at bag of beans
11. have all my college friends present on my birthday dinner treat
12. have bibingka for breakfast while waiting for sunrise :)