Saturday, December 15, 2007

birthday songs

i'll be 23 soon. so soon in fact that it's only less than an hour left til my birthday. gad. i hate not being able to wait excitedly for it like i used to, because apparently i'm one of those few people who make a big fuss over their birthdays. =P

anyway, i just want to post an entry today, to mark the last day of my being 22. it kicked off with me taking an oath as a true blue civil engineer, and ends with me singing a few songs in my head:

"only two more days until your birthday..." - the saddest song // the ataris (well, it isn't exactly applicable today, but it was yesterday. =D)

"amazing still it seems, i'll be 23..." - 23 // jimmy eat world (the song that makes me think of bryan greenberg! *happy sigh* 8D)

"and that's about the time she walked away from me, nobody like's you when you're 23..." - what's my age again? // blink 182 (maybe this just applies to guys? :P)

and tomorrow, i shall sing this one:

"staying up til dawn won't take it its toll, til we get old..." - birthday song // ben lee (can't afford to do that actually, but at least i'll be awake at the crack of dawn. gotta catch the sunrise! *happiness* :D)

well, that's all i want to say, really. off to bed now!