Sunday, December 30, 2007

swing life away

another year is about to unfold, and i've pretty much done all the usual things i do during this time of the year. watch while you were sleeping, check. watch martha stewart shows, check. meet up and dine out with friends, check. read people magazines, check. exciting isn't it? :D but what really kept me busy these past days was trying to have my ebay account verified so i can finally bid and buy stuff online (now my parents would love that! :P). sadly, all this time i've spent online didn't leave me much room to contemplate on what a year 2007 has been (or study hydropower stuff that i need to review for when i get back to work, yikes! =S).

i guess the one great thing about the new year is that it gives people a chance to start afresh and to have a list of resolutions, plans and what-have-you's. however, despite my fondness of listing and planning things, i only have one grand plan for the coming year (or years even... depending on how this plan goes). and that is to swing life away.

i don't really think of myself as the reckless kind, but i guess being a 20-something, who finally earned a college degree, and being at that point where i can (and have to!) finally decide what to do with my life, give me the feeling that i can actually do whatever i want, and that there's really nothing holding me back. except maybe the nagging voice in my head telling me that i better make the right move because whatever i decide to do will determine the rest of my life. :D

now how to arrive at the correct decision, that is the question. i dunno if there's really a fail-safe way on how to make the right choices, but i guess to answer that, one must first ask himself what he wants to achieve most in life - is it wealth, success, prestige, happiness, etc... well if you ask me, i'd answer happiness pointblank. as one friend pointed out, happiness is priceless. and the simple recipe to happiness is to follow your heart (nevermind how cliche-ish that sounds :P), which is actually the whole point of my grand plan. :)

we live on front porches and swing life away
we get by just fine here on minimum wage
if love is a labor, i'll slave til the end
i won't cross these streets until you hold my hand

thanks crazy for telling me how this should be my song. now let's just hope we don't crash and burn. i'm pretty confident we won't though. ;) happy 2008!