Friday, August 08, 2008

dear crazy

i hung out at starbucks last night, wishing i have an SLR camera and you beside me. the view was spectacular and the music was perfect (courtesy of a live band playing somewhere across the bay, they did some cover songs of stereophonics, DMB, coldplay and U2 among others). the frap was overpriced as usual, but it was fine. it's one of the perfect places to read murakami's after dark - a coffee shop under the bridge, by the bay. how strategic.

speaking of after dark, yes, i have finally flipped it open, during one of the most miserable days i've had here. i was heading to the park alone, with the book and a tumbler in hand. i found an empty bench by the creek and decided to just hang out there until it gets dark. i couldn't surpress my tears anyway, so i stopped and tried to read the book. it was the first time i opened it, and hence the first time i read the note you wrote to me, along with other farewell messages from friends scribbled in a receipt from that resto where we last ate dinner together... it made me even lonelier, but relieved at the same time. it reminded me that i have friends to return to, and it felt good. i'm glad we'll still see in each other when i get back. i can't wait for our next game night. it will probably be the last one in a long while.

wow, everybody's leaving. how timely that we've signed up on WAYN. so, where are you now exactly, crazy? me, i'm in my room right now, listening to the last cd you gave me. i'd like to know what's in your current playlist though. hope it's the sunshine-matt rocca-type of songs. :) i think i've had enough of sad songs for now. although i must say there are some providential instances where the most fitting sad song was playing at the perfect moment. like that time i was jogging underneath a canopy of trees while it was raining and smashing pumpkins' landslide blasted in my headphones. and that time i was walking home in an empty lampost-lined street while listening to tori amos' a long taxi ride. but as emotionally stirring as they are, i'd have to pass. i guess i'll just trade my playlist for more cheerful songs, like this french song you love that's playing right now. sometimes, it is better not being able to understand the lyrics, don't you think? :P

i've dreamt of being in new york for two nights now. and it always leaves me feeling eager to go there. perhaps i caught the same bug that made you fell in love with it. i do hope your dream of settling there would come true, crazy. it's the city that perfectly matches your personality anyway. although as you've mentioned, you're also getting good at that "particular lifestyle the japanese are fond of." well, perhaps we can consider tokyo as your training ground, since it's similar to new york in some ways. see you there in 5 years.

hmm what else? ooh, huang is actually yellow in chinese. such coincidence. :D and yes, i agree that sir reg is cool, considering that for a guy his age, he knows the lyrics of black balloon. and i think he's a calvin and hobbes fan too. props to him. :D

well, that's all for now. regards to everyone i know in your world. ;)