Friday, June 20, 2008

1 month down

they say time flies when you're having fun. it's been a month already since i started working in singapore. time does seem to fly by a bit faster here - something i'm happy about actually, but it doesn't necessarily mean i'm having fun. i'm... okay, that much i can say.

the past month has been eventful enough. living away from home is really quite a challenge for me since i'm not the independent type. somebody else usually does things for me, and i'm not used to cooking, doing the laundry, cleaning the house and all those other chores... i did make an effort to make myself get used to washing the dishes by doing it after almost every meal for the last 2 weeks i was in the philippines. that didn't make me any faster at it though. i'm always so OC at cleaning everything you know. i'd like to believe that that's the reason why it takes me longer to do those stuff than other people, and not because of my lack of experience... or efficiency. :P

on other news, my mom came to visit recently. finally, we had a decent and sumptuous meal for a week. it was just unfortunate that i didn't get the chance to get off from work at 5:30 sharp while she was here, we could've spent more time together. oh well. i didn't expect i would cry like i did when we parted at the airport. it was totally embarrassing, plus i didn't want her to see me like that cos i know she'd just feel sad about it. *sigh* anyway, i was completely useless the next day since my head hurts like hell from all the random crying. oh well. my dad said he's planning to make her visit me again on september. can't wait!

when i arrived here 1 week before my cousin's 1st birthday, i felt like i've missed some fraction of my life already for not being there with them. just a few days ago, it was my mom's birthday and i asked pong to bring her a cake. i would have loved to see the look of surprise on her face when she got it. then today, it's crazy's. i hope pong, my ever-reliable delivery boy, had successfully put my gift for crazy on his desk at NCTS. again, i would have loved to be there when he opens it, hoping he'd be delighted that my gift had been shipped all the way from here, as if that's a big deal. :P i know there'll be more things that i'll miss out on, until i go home for Christmas. and the saddest part would be not being able to see some of my dearest friends like crazy and angeli, when i get back. =S but i'll just end that with another "oh well", because i don't want to sulk.

there are a lot of things here that remind me of certain people. i see these things everyday when i go to work. like the bridges i cross, which remind me of carlos and his high tide-low tide lecture. then as i try to make it to work on time, i always remember crazy's "the shortest distance is a straight line" statement, so i always walk in diagonals. :P then whenever i see a pentax store, i get the urge to text daniel, and ask him what lenses he's interested to buy (crazy, if you're reading this and you got my gift already, please give daniel the k20d brochure, thanks!). now that i mentioned these 3, i remember to thank carlos again for the tagaytay trip he financed during my last week back home. :P it was truly a fun and memorable day spent with my 3 best boys (sorry pong, you were in US that time). :)

hmm, i guess i'm just a little home sick right now, but i'll get by. i'll just chant ci vediamo, until i feel all better. :P

tonight the headphones will deliver you the words that i can't say
tonight i'm writing you a million miles away
tonight is all about "we miss you."
- homesick at space camp, fall out boy