Saturday, January 26, 2008

first post of the year

been very, very busy lately, and it sure seems A LOT has already happened when january's not even over yet. where do i start?

amid the chaos of preparing spreadsheets and reports, i've somehow managed to get my plans (you know, of swinging life away *wink, wink*) figured out and have actually taken some big steps to make them happen. but i prefer to keep mum about it at the moment, so that's all i can say for now. :D

my ebay package arrived last week! i'm not really a fan of ukay-ukay, or generally, second-hand stuff, so seeing the board games (MAD magazine finally! and another parker bros game) in good condition did make me feel relieved and glad! it also makes paying $40 for shipping quite worth it. :)

on other news, my chronic insomnia has really taken its toll on me, big time. i finally went to a neurologist, who showed up 3 hours past his schedule. i can't believe i waited til 9pm for a consultation, just to hear stuff i already know. what a waste of what could've been a perfectly fine weekend. oh well.

having this "psychological" illness does make me feel really down sometimes. i envy people who begin snoring minutes after they've slumped into bed. i used to be that person who could fall asleep anywhere, but now i sometimes have to take pills just to get a shut-eye. i do try not to drink these things unless i'm already desperate, which usually happens after attempting to sleep for 3 hours or so. needless to say, a night without having to swallow a pill is enough to make me one happy kid, even though i only get to sleep in measly proportions.

and then there's the news on heath ledger's death, which just made me even more sad and alarmed. especially when i've read some articles about his "sleepless nights".

"my body was exhausted and my mind was still going," said heath. it's funny how that's EXACTLY the same thing i tell people who inquire about my sleeping trouble. i wish i don't have these prescription pills (i.e., sleeping pills and anti-anxiety meds) beside my bed. but i just can't NOT have a ready supply of them, cos that would only make me all the more paranoid. oh, and i just have to point out that it's only my paranoia that's self-induced (and that's not even all the time), but my "mind racing" isn't. i hope certain people would understand that it's actually involuntary.

fortunately, i'm doing better now. i take less pills, which really gives my spirit a boost. :) i just hope it continues to get better, cos really, insomnia is the last thing i need on earth!

what else? hmm, i don't really feel like writing about how i blew up my credit card bill (cos it's just not fun), so i guess that would be all. :D