Tuesday, June 24, 2008

i think that i shall never see

while walking to the mrt station with my colleagues from work, one of them asked if my family had been gravely affected by the recent typhoon that hit the philippines. i told her that the worst thing that happened to us was our tree being uprooted because of the storm.

last night, my mom told me that they had to remove the said tree from our front yard because they just could not plant it back to the ground anymore. i was heartbroken, with tears of course.

i remember my dad telling us back when we were kids that he'd build us a tree house when that tree had grown big enough. when that happened, we were already too old to climb and play in a tree house. still, i plan to build one when i finally have kids of my own.

whenever there's a special occasion or during the Christmas season, we'd always light our capiz lamps which hang on that tree. it then becomes the most beautiful part of our house, which would explain why it always serves as our background during photo ops. sometimes when i get lonely, i'd go to our garden and turn the lights on as well as i while away the time staring at them.

*sigh* sometimes i wish i'm not this too attached to even the smallest of things. but i'm a year of the rat person, i'm just so sentimental like that. =s anyway, here are some pictures of our mango tree, taken during our last game night at home.
i'm sure gonna miss it.