Sunday, April 20, 2008


got home at around 6 in the morning. billboards along edsa have changed, but i'm too sleepy to stare.. or care. i still get the odd feeling of happiness of driving past edsa, C5, katipunan and commonwealth even though i was only half awake. i'm home, and my bed is waiting.

i've been on hiatus for 3 weeks now (and counting...) and in spite of not going to work, being in another country's had me missing my favorite shows. i regret not being able to watch AI, especially michael johns' last week in the show. i still wonder how other certain AI contestants got more votes than him. what a bummer. good thing there's youtube though, i was able to watch his performance as well as david cook's rendition of innocent. the latter was actually a proud moment for me cos finally, i heard one of OLP's songs being sung in a reality contest like that. and also since innocent was the first song i tried to make "kapa" on my drums when i was still dreaming of performing at acoustic jammeng'g back in college. (that didn't happen by the way. :D)

and then there are my other fave shows that i missed like project runway, ANTM and gossip girl... i know i have more favorite shows on disney channel but unlike these shows, etc doesn't really air reruns of series episodes from 3 weeks back. now i hate to do this but i may resort to buying dvds instead. you know which kind. :P (daniel, i know you can help me justify this! haha :D)

on another note, with regards to my career, some things didn't work out (such as my supposed stint at a manila-based company when i get back from my trip) as some things do (such as trying my luck and taking some risks which fortunately turned out to be in my favor). i know my "vacation" has gone longer than i hoped for, but everything's falling into place now. all's well that ends well, as shakespeare would say. and i'm extremely grateful for all the blessings the Lord has given me. so i'll try extra hard to be a good girl now cos i know i've been getting more than what i deserve. :)

now before i leave the country again to start my work as an ofw, i hope someone (named emman, hehe) would finally organize our beach getaway so we could all unwind and catch up. thanks! :D