Sunday, November 02, 2008

i watched the proverbial sunrise
coming up over the pacific

i hear it playing again and i wonder, how many times have i listened to that song and smiled, rather slyly, at how one particular line in it perfectly depicts how i feel about this place. but yes, i'll shy away from the specifics. :P

i haven't posted an entry for a while, now there's no september-october 2008 in my archives (big whoop! :P). i've been too lazy to write anything in the past month, maybe because i didn't really have anything cohesive to say (not that i'm writing cohesively now). and also because i've been quite engrossed on other things. like those go-no go dilemmas that i've had on whether i should apply for an MS this year. one saturday i'd be sprawled in my room reviewing for GRE and the next i'd be watching gossip girl online. sometimes i would convince myself that i could still get recommendation letters, take the exams and pass... after all, "to achieve great things, two things are needed: a plan and not quite enough time". but when i bought my camera, i decided to just postpone the whole MS plan and not stress myself anymore. so in the end, i told my parents that i'd probably, probably just try next year (which means if i push through with it, i'd be able to start on 2010). although i'm still not decided if i should still take graduate studies... cos really, i just want a quaint little resto in the future. :D

so there, i have a camera now, yay! that was the other thing that's been keeping me busy lately. it's part of that sustainability thing that i got from daniel. anyway, you can finally view something on my multiply site as i had finally spared some time to upload my photos. i'm really excited to go back home in december to take pictures in UP and tagaytay! :D

i'm just glad that it'll only be less than 2 months and i'd be going back home again. :) i didn't even notice that it's been almost half a year already until my superior told me last friday. ooh, i better prepare my leave form now. :P

so until then, i'd be happily planning my itinerary for my 2 week Christmas break. :) trust me, i need it!