Tuesday, February 17, 2009

the uneventful

let me borrow that from crazy just for today.

i called in sick to work so this day is expectedly uneventful for me. not that any other day that i'm off somewhere else has been otherwise. anyway. i can't decide yet whether i like it better being on leave.

it's afternoon already, and so far i still haven't accomplished a lot. well, not really. i've actually spared some time to answer some emails so that's already something, especially when you deem keeping in touch important. and then i watched some episodes of the city while snacking on german chocolate, just to kill time (some side notes: whitney looks like a female lance bass don't you think? and i agree that jay does look like an apostle according to this post, just like my CE 25 prof. anyway, he's such a dreamboat - jay, not my prof). i dunno why i keep opting to do these trivial things when i can indulge on something that's... well, less trivial. like reading books or learning photography. oh well, maybe on weekends. i wish i have something to cook but we already have enough food for the week. i thought i can cook the squid for friday night's dinner but i remembered that i don't know how to clean it. or maybe i'm just too squeamish to try. but certainly not that much because i've already beheaded the shrimps (which used to be a nightmare for me) for our cereal prawn dish. okay i'm babbling.

wish i could go for a jog later, and maybe i will. i like jogging cos it helps me clear my head, while giving me that fulfilling feeling of actually burning some cals. i remembered when i was in college and the worst thing happened - i got heartbroken (sorry for the cringe-fest, as much as i hate using that term when relating it to romantic love, it's the most appropriate so i have to) - it was the first time i had successfully jogged one round of the acad oval, and it felt great. so yes, i like jogging, it saves lives. :)

i'll jog by the beach today when it's not that sunny anymore (around 6 maybe). i hate the sun, especially when i see the tan lines on my feet (i wear strapped shoes) which i got from our frequent site walks. i understand why some people love it, i actually enjoyed the sun on my face one time but not too much please. anyway, back to the beach... living near one is something i really love about this place. it's not a fancy resort but a beach nonetheless. i can't imagine being somewhere else, like renting a flat near the city. i prefer laid back most of the time. i like being able to go there at dawn, dusk or near midnight. well that's me, always happy near the sea. and it's funny cos i only realized that when i moved to this country which has far fewer bodies of water than my native archipelago.

well, going to the park may just be the highlight of my uneventful day. i do need this time off to clear my head. so, gtg. :)