Saturday, April 30, 2011


Despite a not-so-good midterm, I can still say yesterday was one of the best days I've had here. Nerds' night out was so much fun!

Learned a lot of crap from this game... Only nerds would still think and argue why a crap is what it is. :P

4 more Fridays to go! So excited to spend more time with the gals. Disney princesses movie marathon, yay (so psyched)!! :)

Now about the prince...

I found a boy who had a dream
Making everyone smile
He was sunshine
I fell over my feet
Like bricks under water

Seriously, the boy has a contagious smile. :)))

Okay, now prepping up for hell week... but still grinning. :)

Friday, April 15, 2011

friday blues 2

gad, this is the 2nd time i'm using that title. my classmates are having a game night but i had some stuff to do and my parents would be online tonight. there's no skype dinner though boo. :( i only had takeout from subway, tuna for friday. sigh, i miss subway at keypoint. why am i feeling terribly homesick again?

i'm missing singapore so bad. while i was folding my clothes this evening (what better way to spend friday than folding your clothes, right?) i suddenly just started tearing up and checked out my old post in my multiply - it was about my 1st anniversary in singapore, and my plan of studying here. seemed like such a long time ago but it's only been 2 years. i was still excited to pursue MS, and now i can't wait to be done with it. i know it's not in keeping with the famous motto 'carpe diem' but that's what i feel and i know i need to snap out of this funk. after all, i only have exactly 2 months left in california!

i haven't prayed fervently for a particular thing in a long while, particular being something that's a long shot. i think i've gotten pretty much everything i've prayed for then i've stopped asking for special things. i guess i should start asking for *it* so that it happens. again, i'll ignore statistics (i never liked that course anyway) and just wish that even if there's a one in a hundred chance, that i get that 0.01, and 0.99 won't matter.

i remember my friend saying the difference with school and work is that at work, once you leave the workplace, it's all play. with school, you're still working til you sleep. that's not necessarily the case (especially if you leave the workplace at 10pm and just go straight to bed after) but for the most part it's true. i'm excited to work again, to shop and fill my apartment with ikea stuff, and NOT be alone. can't wait to have nice dinners and watch movies on fridays again. i really wish i get to have *it* by july.

that's all. just like in my previous friday blues post, i'll end this saying that i'm off to watch 30 rock. sigh i miss tv series marathons. later!

Friday, April 08, 2011


what a gorgeous day...

it would have been perfect if i saw him today, but that's too much to ask. the clouds would do for now.

when i was a kid, i really thought people live on clouds - that's after watching jack and the beanstalk. i used to daydream about how i could get there and meet princess melody. then school happened, and science taught us clouds are just a mass of water droplets and couldn't support castles.

sigh... i'm gonna miss this place.

Monday, April 04, 2011

church songs

One of the earliest memories I have of me singing church songs as a kid was when my aunt caught me singing Ave Maria with much gusto. I was 7 then. She said I had a nice voice, but I could sense her sarcasm. I've always wanted to be part of a choir but never had the guts to join. The closest I ever got to being in one was when I joined our college org's choir in a singing competition during Eng'g Week. We won in one of the 2 years I joined. The happiest feeling I had then was when our conductor/coach (who had a temper) congratulated me for catching up with the group and singing the notes correctly even when I only got to practice for 3 days before the competition (I was sick in the weeks prior). That's not to say of course that I have a great voice. It's just easier when all you sing is 'dum, dum, dum' in varying notes or something like that. :p

For about 2 years in college, I used to go to doctrine class and benediction regularly. That's when I learned to love singing songs in Latin. When I came to the US, Spanish church songs are common, so I started to like singing them as well. I can't speak Spanish (save for a few common phrases), but I do understand it a little, as some words are similar to my native language. I remember trying to translate Spanish words in English based on Filipino words, and being amused with myself when it's close to the actual English translation. Though Spanish isn't on the top of my list for foreign languages I want to learn, I do wish the government (or whoever) didn't remove it from our college curriculum (my parents' generation used to be required to take Spanish in school, if I'm not mistaken).

Anyway, to cut this post short, I just want to share this song that I can't get out of my head since yesterday. The 4:30 mass choir in Stanford is just amazing. I love their version of Oh Dios Crea En Mi, and their rendition of this song below is way better (I may sound biased but it's true!). If I heard this song somewhere else, I probably wouldn't remember it, but the choir here has its way of making church songs memorable. So props to them! :) I shall take a picture of them one of these days. ;)

Friday, April 01, 2011

1 week down, stop being sentimental

i'm waiting for my mom to go online. she used to console me that i only have a few months left in school and i'll be back home again. i wasn't sure what to feel, whether to be actually happy about it. i know i'm excited to go home but at the same time, i'm also sad to leave. the clock is ticking. one week down, 9 weeks til graduation (i think!). as i've mentioned before, i still don't know where i'll be after grad - there are lots of possibilities, and i know if i'd have to come back here, i won't feel so bad about leaving in june, but i'll also be terribly homesick again. well, you can't have them all.

i saw thornton center on my way to the bookstore from Y2E2 this afternoon. i can still vividly remember the first day of CEE 270, going to that building without a map (forgot to bring it), calling a friend to ask for directions, sitting next to our TA who at first i thought was our classmate (good call not to ask him what other classes he's taking) and waiting for the rest of my classmates to show up (turns out, that was one of the rare occasions i was early in class). i remember the last day of that class too, i had a lump in my throat when our professor said his sort of farewell message... that's the only class where i see lots of people cos almost everyone in our program took it, so it was kind of sad knowing that it had ended.

being a sentimental junkie has its drawbacks. i have lots of stuff i can't bare to throw away, only to forget years later the reason i kept them. anyway... i have nine more weeks, and i know it's gonna go by in a blink. maybe that's why i'm writing more often now, it's like keeping a diary or writing a memoir.

it's too warm these days. i know i'll only get darker so i really have to start wearing sunblock. i can't be the same color as my dress at the wedding (i think it's brown or burgundy). i'm excited, i'd have longer hair by then and i can curl it, like i sometimes do on special occasions. i wonder how it'd feel to be a bridesmaid in a grand wedding (i'm pretty sure mine isn't going to be as 'engrande', i just want a fairly small solemn wedding with my family and closest friends - that's if i do get married). anyway... i'm just excited to be going home, maybe have wine with my friends (a new activity i've become fond of ever since our trip to napa valley) and chat under the stars. 8)

but i'd have to stop myself from being too excited so i can actually enjoy my last 2 months in stanford. i miss the cold weather, walking to class on a foggy morning and going home bundled up in a thick jacket and a scarf. i didn't expect it would be this warm too soon. i still haven't worn my fave boots that much. had a chance to wear them on a night out at napa though (my friends were expecting single men at the resto but the only guy who was 'hitting' on us was a middle-aged man from dallas!) but i hope i'd still get a chance to wear them more. now it's become so warm i'm itching to wear shorts. i hope someone can go shopping with me so i can update my wardrobe but some of my friends are going kayaking tomorrow - something i'd never enjoy until i learn to swim. :( i miss having guy friends that i can just ask to go with me anywhere. oh well.

okay, time to stop blogging and start rewriting notes (i know i'm such a nerd when FBDs and physics make me giddy, but i know i'm still normal when i cringe from looking at PDEs and ODEs). or read articles for my other classes. happy april fool's day stranger. :)